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Clif's in Las Vegas and doesn't know what hotel he's in...hmmm. 11/23/2015

Haha! Clif gets spanked at the Heart Attack Grill on Freemont St in        Vegas!! 11/23/2015

Wait. Is that Mitch or Clif? I bet he flexed and the sleeves fell off! 11/28/2015

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Always Keep Fighting! 12/12/2015


Last update of 2015 from Mitch! 12/24/1015

 * Whole new year! First update of 2016. 1/2/2016

A Thank you from the Supernatural Fandom Movie producers 10/17/2015

The Curious case of the missing Flipper 1/23/2016

Quick update from Clif! Superbowl time! 2/6/2016

* SO much fun coming in the next couple months! Pary buses and stripper poles?! OH MY!

* Is that a...Fairy Shark and a...Manther Shark?! 

Mitch's emotional update. Grab some tissue before watching this. 2/28/2016

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